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Treating muscle and brain degenerative diseases.

News-Medical.Net on March 21 covered UCLA research establishing the molecular basis of, and potential treatment for, IBMPFD (inclusion body myopathy Paget disease with frontotemporal dementia). Dr. Ming Guo, professor in the department of neurology at David Geffen School of Medicine, led the study.

New methods to combat cell damage that accumulates with age.

Dr. Ming Guo, Professor of Neurology and Pharmacology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA was featured in a November 23 UCLA Newsroom article about the discoveries of mitochondial DNA that may help delay onset of age-related diseases.

Exercise, healthy lifestyle can help fight Alzheimer's, UCLA researchers find.

KABC Channel 7 News reported August 16 on a study at UCLA that exercise and followed a Mediterranean-style diet could benefit those at risk for Alzheimer's disease.

Guiding Ethics and Morality.

MD reported July 7 on a study by Dr. Mario Mendez about the part of the brain that guides ethics and morality. Mendez is director of neurobehavior at the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and a professor of neurology and psychiatry.

Doctors Need Better Training to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Early.

The Alzheimer's Association, physicians and advocacy groups for Alzheimer's patients are supporting a one-time, $2.5 million investment in CDPH California Alzheimer's Disease Centers (CADCs). The centers are based at UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, University of Southern California, UC San Francisco, Stanford University and UC Davis. This augmentation is to improve physician education in early detection and diagnosis. "Doctors Need Better Training to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Early."

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