Easton Center - Pilot Project 13.1: Examination of a Novel Drug Candidate for Alzheimer’s Disease in a Translational Animal Model


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  • 2011-2012 Cure Alzheimer’s Fund “Molecular tweezers – novel inhibitors of amyloidogenic proteins and promising drug candidates for Alzheimer’s disease”
  • 2012 NIH/NCRR UL1 TR000124 – UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Voucher “A mouse toxicity study of a novel drug candidate”
  • 2015-2016 Cure Alzheimer’s Fund 20152631 “Optimization of pharmacologic properties of molecular tweezers”
  • 2015-2017 CurePSP Foundation 600-6-15 “Small-molecule modulation of tau clearance and aggregation”
  • 2015-2020 NIH/NIA R01AG050721 “Misfolded protein clearance enhancers for Alzheimer’s therapy”

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