MarkVCID aims to identify and validate biomarkers for the small vessel diseases of the brain that produce vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia (VCID). As a site for the larger NIH-funded MarkVCID consortium, UCLA’s goal is to deliver high-quality biomarkers ready for use in clinical trials aimed at generating scientific breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of VCID. This study seeks to enroll participants willing to undergo cognitive testing, MRI, and a blood draw. Eligible participants will either be normal controls, have a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, or have a diagnosis of mild dementia.

(Principal Investigators: Jason Hinman, MD and Keith Vossel, MD, MSc)

Contact: Marissa Thirion at 310-206-5178 or mthirion@mednet.ucla.edu to participate in this study or for more information.

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