New IDEAS is a nationwide research study for people dealing with memory loss. IDEAS stands for Imaging Dementia Evidence of Amyloid Scanning. The study includes a safe, noninvasive FDA-approved brain scan called an amyloid positron emission tomography (PET) scan. Joining New IDEAS is currently the only way Medicare will cover the cost of a one-time amyloid PET scan. The participant’s primary doctor will refer the patient to one of our participating neurologists at the New IDEAS Dementia Specialist Practice Site #2098, located at the UCLA Memory Clinic. The participating neurologist will be able to determine if the patient is eligible for the study.

We aim to bring awareness to people, specifically Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx individuals. The study can enroll 7,000 participants across the country. Of that total number, the goal is to include 2,000 Black/African American people and 2,000 Hispanic/Latinx people. The study is currently enrolling individuals that identify as Black/African American and/or Hispanic/Latinx, willing to visit with our participating dementia specialist before and after the PET scan visit. The participants will undergo one amyloid PET scan at our collaborating PET facility and give one saliva sample. If the participant also chooses to have one optional blood draw, he/she will be compensated $75 from the New IDEAS Study after the biospecimens are received. The duration of the study will take approximately 3-6 months.

(Principal Investigator: Keith Vossel, MD, MSc)

Contact: Nancy Osuch at (310) 794-3659 or nosuch@mednet.ucla.edu to participate in this study or for more information.

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