• Dale E. Bredesen, M.D. was featured by the media regarding his 36-point therapeutic program for Alzheimer's disease. Image courtesy of KABC-Channel 7, October 4, 2014.
    Research paper: AGING
  • Article courtesy of UCLA Health.
  • 2014 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures - Courtesy of Alzheimer's Association.
  • Mr. James Easton (left), a global leader in business and philanthropy, and a benefactor of the Mary S. Easton Center, recently received UCLA's highest honor, the UCLA Medal, from Chancellor Gene Block (right). Photo courtesy of Toddy Cheney/UCLA on May 15, 2014.
  • "2013 Turken International Lecturer and Research Awards" - December 4, 2013.
    (Left to right): Dale E. Bredesen, MD - 2013 Turken Int'l Lecturer, and Director of the Easton Center; Sophie Sokolow, PhD, MPharm - 2013 Turken Research Scholar. Click here to watch the LECTURE.
  • Video courtesy of UCLA Health - Tunes for Alzheimer's Patients Program
  • "Ask the Researchers" at Walk-To-End Alzheimer's™, Century City, California, November 3, 2013.
  • Video courtesy of UCTV Prime - Heartache & Hope: America's Alzheimer's Epidemic.
  • UCLA

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